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Samantha Perry

Samantha Perry

Body Builder, Dancing Teacher
8 years of fitness and training experience. Quirky and Fun personality. Great healthy baker.

being within the “competing world” my supplement intake is essential, I have spent time this year networking and building my contacts across competition federations And fitness model agencies. My social network following is also growing which is great to see.
I have a number of competitions coming up ( 1 in 2 weeks time)  this year and both are international qualifiers.
It would be great to help promote your products whilst I’m in prep and during my winter off-season and increase each other’s visibility.
I am also a single mum of a winderfull 9 years old who is my main supporter and is also getting into the fitness world.
We are always baking when i am in offseason and like to use protein powders in our goodies. I feel this is also something I could show people in terms of using good quality protein in more than just shakes.

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