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Ravi Summan

Ravi Summan

Hello, I'm Ravi Summan and sports and fitness has been part of my life from a young age. As I approached my teenage years, I began training in Goju – Kai Karate which also taught about discipline and the importance of training the mind too. From 1998, I started to train regularly in the gym with weights. Since then, my passion for bodybuilding grew. Throughout the year, I need to stay lean for acting and modelling work. I have always found that one of the fascinating aspects of nutrition and fitness is you never stop learning. Many people including me feel that bodybuilding is a 24 hour sport and that is what makes it unique, the journey to build the best body you can is indeed an endless pursuit. It is great to see people change their lives for the better by making fundamental changes and I look forward to seeing more success stories of health and well-being.

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