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Philip Perre

Philip Perre

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
I'm Philip Perre, ex-GB & international professional basketball player- fortunate to have learned from and worked with some of the best fitness professionals around the world. From studying at some the best universities in the US, to winning over 4 professional international championships - my resume spans over 12 years as a professional basketball player.

I have put into practise all I have learnt to maintain a healthy, injury-free body through the highest quality fitness training that’s out there in the world of professional athletics. I am a Level 3 REP’s Fitness Coach, with over 4 years experience as an Elite Personal Trainer.
As a certified Fitness Coach, I have extensive knowledge about training and nutrition, and I will help you transform your body and lifestyle with one of my in-depth conditioning plans.
I’m excited to be part of this new journey to a better YOU! We all start somewhere and it’s never too late to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change. YES, anything is possible if you have the dedication and desire to reach your goals. Its going to be worth it in the end, just stick with it as I help coach you through your journey to a fitter, leaner you!
The gym I work out of is based in Hayes town (Olympian Fitness), but I’m also mobile within the west London area.



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