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Kate Baker

Kate Baker

Fitness Enthusiast, Nutritionist
My name is Kate Baker. I'm a qualified Nutrition Coach | Pro Bikini Athlete & Private Chef. A career that's not just a job but my life. Fitness has been huge part of my life. I have been a swimmer since age of 7 and although I don't compete anymore I swim few times per week. Swimming has thought me the importance of hard work, being humble and being a team player. Pool is where I build my physique, wider shoulder & bigger calf's. I have run several marathons, I have boxed, done martial arts for many years. I try to keep as active as I can, when I can depending on how well/ unwell I feel. The photography and dancing are my favourite hobbies.

Nutrition, looking after my body become my second nature and I have learn how to eat, cook and be the best version of me. I believe in healthy lifestyle, and I stay in shape all year round. My diet is nutrient dense and includes all food groups. I have experience with food allergies, intolerance and for the past 12 months I have been plant-based for health reasons and have found the results amazing.

I started competing in April 2018. The reason why I took to the stage was I wanted to prove to myself and my clients how far you can go with great food and exercise despite having an autoimmune condition (RA).
In the past 18 months I have won 2 x Overall Championship Titles as well as 9x first places across federations I have competed with (WBFF, Fitness Physiques, FMC).

Becoming a Pro Bikini Athlete has opened many doors for me. I now have the platform to spread awareness about chronic condition and connect with those who are effected and everyone else who needs help achieving their goals.

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