What can I do to get a lean physique?

26th August 2017 / General
What can I do to get a lean physique?


The MOST important part of staying lean and being healthy. This is where ALL your focus needs to be. I can’t stress this enough; You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

People always underestimate the amount of calories they eat (and drink!) and always over estimate what they burn at the gym. If you think a 15  minute jog (100 calories burnt) earns you a large takeaway pizza (3000 calories approx.) then you are in denial my friend!

What does a person of your height, gender and weight need to be eating in calories per day to lose weight? That’s the first thing you need figure out.

Keep it simple!

The eating plan that I follow does not involve a load of maths to calculate this every day… (I hate that), but if you eat well and follow simple rules, like avoiding sugar and eating roughly 250g of lean protein with veg three times per day, you will be eating roughly the right amount.

Are calories all equal? NO. If you eat 2000 Calories in healthy protein and veg, it will have a totally different effect on your body than if you just ate 2000 worth of sugary cake or chocolate. Yes you would be within your calorie intake but it is not going to help you.

Sugar is the enemy, it wreaks havoc on the body and there is a wealth of information on the net as to why. Processed foods are rammed full of sugar, read labels and get cooking. If you did one thing and one thing alone, that is, cut all sugar out, that alone would have a huge impact on your life and physique.

But I eat low fat..

Fat is not bad for you, sugar is. Fat is just higher in calories. Fat gives food taste and satisfies you but you just have to be careful how much you have. I put 20ml of olive/omega 3 oil into my protein shake every day, it keeps my heart healthy and gives me a daily dose of essential fats. I also use coconut oil to cook with as well as snacking on nuts.

My daily food plan consists of; 3 meals per day, 2 snacks and 1 post workout shake on the days I exercise. All my meals are generally low in carbs EXCEPT the meal following exercise.

What about exercise?

My weekly exercise plan is 5 x 40 minute gym sessions using weights. I work all parts of my body over the course of a week and I use cardio to warm up and stretch to cool down. You can’t build lean muscle mass without weight training and it’s the most effective for of HIIT training you can do.

Stay Lean

Remember, getting/staying lean and having a good physique is 80% about food and 20% about exercise. Our products are designed to help people get there, they are clean and effective but you need to have the right lifestyle habits.

Yvonne Stubbs
Nutritional food blogger.

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